Amberwing dragonfly
File:Eastern Amberwing 9268.jpg
File:Eastern Amberwing 9268.jpg

Order: Odonata
Family: Libellulidae
Genus: Perithemis
Species: P. tenera

Identifying Characteristics:
  • The Eastern Amberwing is a very small dragonfly, with overall length of .75 to 1 inch.
  • The male has amber to orange wings, while the female has transparent wings with brown spots
  • The male is usually seen flying low over water or perched on nearby vegetation, while the female may be at a significant distance from the water.
  • Both genders have a red pterostigma.

Special Adaptations:
  • The egg mass laid by the female "explodes", speading the eggs on the surface of the water as a means of mitigating the problem of egg loss occurring when egress is blocked by adjacent eggs.
  • The amberwing larva is the only one to use all depths of sampled ponds, allowing extended habitat.
  • Multifaceted eyes assist the dragonfly in eating smaller insects.
  • The amberwing is wasp-like in how it perches and twitches it's abdomon.

Other Information:
Tenera, the species name, means delicate.

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