american elm tree
american elm tree

American Elm
Order: Urticales
Family: Ulmaceae
Genus: Ulmus
Species: Ulmas americana
  • The leaves are alternate, 7–20 cm long, with double-serrate margins and an oblique base
  • Fruit dries in dense clusters of single seeds with circular
  • Up to 100 ft tall, 4 ft diam. with broad rounded crown
  • Deciduous tree, dropps foliage in winter months to conserve water and energy
  • The tree is able to self pollinate which is called hermaphroditic and are on before the leaves so it is easier for pollen to spread from one flower to the next
  • Elms are not sensitive to short daylight hours and continue growing in fall months until frost damage begins
  • Seeds have a papery wing encircling it that allow it to soar away from its parent tree where it will have room to grow
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