Identified Species Profiles

For each class period you will be required to post profiles for SEVEN species. If you and your partner did not ID seven species, the rest can be made up from the class list. Please try and pick species that have not already been selected. To post your species, please do the following steps.

  1. Add the species you will be profiling to the list below along with your name in alphabetical order. If two groups identified the same species, list the name twice. (example: American Goldfinch - Lisa Zinn)
  2. Go to your Species Profile Page and also post the species name (On this page group the animals you are profiling by the date on which they were identified)
  3. Create a "New Page" for each species and create the profile. Be sure to include the components listed in the syllabus.
  4. Link your new created page to the species name listed on BOTH your personal page and this page.

Student Species Wikis

Carli Thompson
Sara Yob
Amy Berry
Matthew McQueen
Laurina Graber
Aaron Goldstein
Ken Merhege
Jason Derryberry
Tom Hartzell

Miranda Davies
Katherine Johnson

Species List - Alphabetical

American Basswood - Ken Merhege
American Basswood - Tom Hartzell
American Beech - Miranda Davies
American Bittern - Katherine Johnson
American Bullfrog- Aaron Goldstein
American Bullfrog - Jason Derryberry
American Elm - Carli Thompson
American Elm - Tom Hartzell
American Elm - Katherine Johnson
American Elm: Matt McQueen
American Goldfinch - Miranda Davies
American Pondweed - Sara Yob
American Snout Butterfly - Katherine Johnson
American Toad- Aaron Goldstein
American Toad - Tom Hartzell
American Toad - Laurina Graber
American toad- Carli Thompson
American Toad - Sara Yob
American Toad: Matt McQueen
Antlion - Katherine Johnson
Apple Snail - Tom Hartzell (group LMT)
Arrowhead - Tom Hartzell
Assassin Bug: Matt McQueen
Autumn Olive - Jason Derryberry
Bee Balm - Ken Merhege
Belted Kingfisher - Tom Hartzell
Belted Kingfisher- Carli Thompson
Belted Kingfisher - Ken Merhege
Belted Kingfisher: Matt McQueen
Belted Kingfisher - Jason Derryberry
Big Bluestem- Aaron G
Big Bluestem - Jason Derryberry
Black Ash: Matt McQueen
Black Cherry - Tom Hartzell
Black Cherry - Ken Merhege
Black Cherry Tree: Matt McQueen
Black Eyed Susan - Miranda Davies
Black Raspberry - Tom Hartzell
Black Rat Snake - Laurina Graber
Black Rat Snake: Matt McQueen
Black Rat Snake - Sara Yob
Black Walnut- Aaron Goldstein
Black Willow - Laurina Graber
Black Willow: Matt McQueen
Black Willow - Ken Merhege
Black Willow - Sara Yob
Blanding's Turtle- Aaron Goldstein
Blanding's Turtle - Tom Hartzell
Blanding's Turtle- Carli Thompson
Blanding's Turtle - Ken Mehege
Blanding's Turtle - Laurina Graber
Bluegill- Aaron Goldstein
Bluegill - Tom Hartzell (Group AJT)
Bluegill - sy
Blue Ash - Ken Merhege
Blue Ash - Jason Derryberry
Bracken Fern - Tom Hartzell
Bracken Fern- Carli Thompson
Bracken Fern - Sara Yob
Brick Cap Fungus - Katherine Johnson
Bristly Sedge - Miranda Davies
Brittle Fern- Aaron G
Brittle Fern: Matt McQueen
British Soldier Lichen - Katherine Johnson
Broadleaf Arrowroot: Matt McQueen
Bullfrog - Jason Derryberry
Bulrush: Matt McQueen
Burr Oak - Laurina Graber (with Amy & Carli)
Burrowing Bug - Ken Merhege
Buttonbush - Jason Derryberry
Canadian Goose- Aaron G
Canadian Tick Trefoil - Katherine Johnson
Catbird - Carli Thompson
Cardinal - Carli Thompson
Cardinal- Aaron Goldstein
Cardinal - Tom Hartzell
Cardinal - Laurina Graber
Cardinal Flower - Katherine Johnson
Carolina Grasshopper - Tom Hartzell
Cedar Waxwing - Miranda Davies
Cercopidae - Miranda Davies
Chairmaker's Rush- Aaron G
Chara - Sara Yob
Chipmunk- Carli Thompson
Chipmunk - Laurina Graber
Cicada - Sara Yob
Cicada - Ken Merhege
Cicada - Jason Derryberry
Cicada Killer - Katherine Johnson
Click Beetle- Aaron Goldstein
Common Cavelier:Matt McQueen
Common Naiad: Matt McQueen
Common Yellow-throat - Carli Thompson
Common Yellow Throat: Matt McQueen
Common Yellowthroat - Ken Merhege
Common Yellowthroat - Tom Hartzell
Common Yellowthroat - Sara Yob
Common Yellow Throat - Laurina Graber
Compact Dodder: Matt McQueen
Conic Fiberhead - Tom Hartzell
Coontail - Tom Hartzell (Group AJT)
Coontail - Laurina Graber (group ACL)
Copepod - Katherine Johnson
Cottonwood - Ken Merhege
Cottonwood - Tom Hartzell
Crown Vetch or Arseed (Coronilla varia) - Laurina Graber
Cowbird - Sara Yob
Crow- Aaron G
Crustose Lichen - Miranda Davies
Curly- Leaved pondweed - Laurina Graber (group ACL)
Clustered Snakeroot- Aaron G
Daisy Fleabane - Ken Merhege
Deer Mouse- Aaron Goldstein
Doll's-eyes - Katherine Johnson
Dryad's Saddle Fungus - Jabin Burnworth (example)
Damselfly Nymph - Ken Merhege
Damselfly Nymph - Tom Hartzell (Group LMT)
Damselfly Nymph : Sara Yob (Group AAS)
Dodder - Miranda Davies
Downy Woodpecker - Katherine Johnson
Dragonfly Nymph-Aaron Goldstein
Dragonfly Nymph - Laurina Graber (LMT)
Eastern Red Cedar - Jason Derryberry
Eastern Box Turtle - Miranda Davies
Eastern Chipmunk: Matt McQueen
Eastern Chipmunk - Tom Hartzell
Eastern Chipmunk - Sara Yob
Eastern Chipmunk - Jason Derryberry
Eastern Cicada Killer - Jason Derryberry
Eastern Cotton Tail- Aaron Goldstein
Eastern Cottontail - Sara Yob
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit - Katherine Johnson
Eastern Grey Treefrog - Jason Derryberry
Eastern Red-Backed Salamander: Matt McQueen
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - Jason Derryberry
Eastern Swallowtail - Ken Merhege
Eastern Towhee - Tom Hartzell
Eurasian Water Milfoil - Katherine Johnson
Eurasian Water Milfoil- Aaron Goldstein
European Gromwell - Ken Merhege
False Chantrelle - Tom Hartzell
Field sparrow - Carli Thompson
Field Sparrow: Matt McQueen
Field Sparrow - Sara Yob
Field sparrow - Laurina Graber
Field Thistle: Matt McQueen
Fleshy Hydnum Fungus - Katherine Johnson
Fluffy Dust Lichen - Ken Merhege
Foliose Lichen - Miranda Davies
Fox Squirrel- Aaron Goldstein
Fox Squirrel - Jason Derryberry
Fragrant Waterlily - Katherine Johnson
Garter Snake- Carli Thompson
Garter Snake - Jason Derryberry
Giant Swallowtail - Ken Merhege
Groundhog - Laurina Graber
Groundhog - Jason Derryberry
Gray Fox - Katherine Johnson
Gray Catbird - Ken Merhege
Gray Catbird - Tom Hartzell
Grey Catbird: Matt McQuee
Gray catbird - Laurina Graber
Grey Squirrel:Matt McQueen
Grey Squirrel- Aaron Goldstein
Grey Squirrel - Katherine Johnson
Great Lobelia - Ken Merhege
Great Lobelia - Jason Derryberry
Green Frog - Miranda Davies
Grey Tree Frog - Ken Merhege
Hedge Nettle - Katherine Johnson
Hemlock - Miranda Davies
Horse Nettle - Ken Merhege
Harvestman - Jason Derryberry
Harvestmen - Miranda Davies
House Wren - Jason Derryberry
House Wren: Matt McQueen
House Wren - Sara Yob
House Wren - Laurina Graber
House Wren - Katherine Johnson
Indian Potato - Jason Derryberry
Indigo Bunting - Carli Thompson
Indigo Bunting: Matt McQueen
Indigo Bunting - Jason Derryberry
Indigo Bunting - Ken Merhege
Indigo bunting - Laurina Graber
Indigo Bunting - Katherine Johnson
Jerusalem Artichoke - Katherine Johnson
Jewelweed - Ken Merhege
Jewelweed - Jason Derryberry
Jumpseed - Ken Merhege
Jumpseed or Virginia knot-weed - Laurina Graber
Juniper-Aaron G
Kentucky Coffee Tree- Aaron G
Kentucky Coffeetree - Jason Derryberry
Kentucky Coffee Tree - Katherine Johnson
Kentucky Coffee Tree - Laurina Graber (with Amy & Carli)
Lady's Thumb - Tom Hartzell
Lance leaved Goldenrod - Laurina Graber
Leaf Footed Beetle- Aaron G
Leopard Frog - Katherine Johnson
Leopard Frog- Aaron Goldstein
Leopard Frog - Jason Derryberry
Leopard Frog - Tom Hartzell
Leopard Frog - Ken Merhege
Leopard Frog - Sara Yob
Little Bluestem- Aaron G
Longleaf Pondweed - Miranda Davies
Mad-dog Skullcap - Ken Merhege
Mad-dog Skullcap - Tom Hartzell
Maidenhair Fern - Miranda Davies
Marsh Bellflower: Matt McQueen
Marsh Fern - Tom Hartzell
Mink-Carli Thompson
Mink - Tom Hartzell
Mink - Sara Yob
Mink - Laurina Graber
Monarch Butterfly - Jason Derryberry
Monarch Butterfly - Katherine Johnson
Monkey Flower - Jason Derryberry
Muskrat- Carli Thompson
Northern Blazing Star - Tom Hartzell
Northern Cardinal - Jason Derryberry
Northern Cardinal: Matt McQueen
Northern Cardinal - Katherine Johnson
Northern Flicker - Katherine Johnson
Northern Red Oak- Aaron G
Northern Watermilfoil - Ken Merhege
Northern Water Snake - Tom Hartzell
Northern Water Snake - Laurina Graber
Ohio Buckeye - Miranda Davies
Orange Milkweed - Katherine Johnson
Orb snail- Aaron Goldstein
Painted Turtle - Laurina Graber
Painted Turtle - Aaron Goldstein
Painted Turtle - Ken Merhege
Panicled Tick Trefoil - Tom Hartzell
Pawpaw- Aaron Goldstein
PawPaw - Tom Hartzell
Pawpaw - Ken Merhege
Pawpaw - Sara Yob
Pawpaw Tree - Katherine Johnson
Pin Oak - Sara Yob
Pointed Winkle:Matt McQueen
Poison Ivy- Carli Thompson
Poison Ivy - Miranda Davies
Prairie Dropseed - Katherine Johnson
Prairie Rosinweed - Ken Merhege
Prairie Daisy (Bellis perennis) - Miranda Davies
Predaceous Diving Beetle - Jason Derryberry
Predaceous diving beetle - Laurina Graber (LMT)
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) - Miranda Davies
Purple-leafed Willow Herb - Tom Hartzell
Queen Anne's Lace - Ken Merhege
Queen Anne's Lace - Tom Hartzell
Queen Anne's Lace - Katherine Johnson
Raccoon - Tom Hartzell
Racoon - Jason Derryberry
Redbelt - Laurina Graber
Redbud - Miranda Davies
Red Admiral - Sara Yob
Red-backed Salamander - Katherine Johnson
Red Clover: Matt McQueen
Red Elm - Katherine Johnson
Red Maple - Tom Hartzell
Red Mulberry - Tom Hartzell
Red Oak - Ken Merhege
Red-eyed Vireo- Aaron Goldstein
Red-eyed Vireo - Jason Derryberry
Red-Eyed Vireo - Laurina Graber
Red-eyed Vireo- Carli Thompson
Red-eyed Vireo - Ken Merhege
Red-eyed Vireo - Sara Yob
Red-headed Woodpecker - Ken Merhege
Red Hickory - Laurina Graber
Red Stemmed Plantain: Matt McQueen
Redtail Hawk - Katherine Johnson
Red-winged Blackbird - Jason Derryberry
Red-winged blackbird - Carli Thompson
Red-winged Blackbird - Ken Merhege
Reed Canary Grass - Jason Derryberry
Reed Canary Grass - Katherine Johnson
River Bulrush: Matt McQueen
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - Katherine Johnson
Rotifer - Miranda Davies
Royal Fern - Miranda Davies
Royal Fern- Aaron G
Royal Fern - Laurina Graber
Royal Fern - Jason Derryberry
Ruby Meadowhawk - Tom Hartzell
Sandhill Crane - Jason Derryberry
Sassafras - Laurina Graber
Sassafras - Jason Derryberry
Scarlet Tanager - Sara Yob
Scarlet Tanager: Matt McQueen
Scarlet Tanager - Jason Derryberry
Scarlet Redcup- Aaron G
Scud - Ken Merhege
Sensitive Fern - Katherine Johnson
Sensitive Fern - Jason Derryberry
Sensitive Fern: Matt McQueen
Shagbark Hickory- Aaron Goldstein
Shagbark Hickory - Jason Derryberry
Shagbark Hickory - Katherine Johnson
Shelf Mushroom - Miranda Davies
Side-oats Grama: Matt McQueen
Silver Maple - Jason Derryberry
Silver Maple - Ken Merhege
Silver Maple - Tom Hartzell
Small Water Plantain-Aaron G
Snapping Turtle- Aaron Goldstein
Soapwort - Tom Hartzell
Solomon's Seal - Katherine Johnson
Southern Naiad - Laurina Graber (group ACL)
Spice Bush - Miranda Davies
Spiderwort - Katherine Johnson
Spinulose Woodfern: Matt McQueen
Spinulose Woodfern - Katherine Johnson
Spring Peeper - Katherine Johnson
Starry Campion - Laurina Graber (with Amy & Carli)
Stinging Nettle - Laurina Graber
Stinging Nettle - Tom Hartzell
Stinging Nettle - Sara Yob
Stinging Nettle - Jason Derryberry
Striped Chorus Frog - Jabin Burnworth (example)
Sugar Maple - Ken Merhege
Summer Red Cap: Matt McQueen
Swamp Milkweed - Miranda Davies
Swamp Milkweed - Jason Derryberry
Swamp Milkweed - Ken Merhege
Swamp Rose-Carli Thompson
Swamp Rose: Matt McQueen
Swamp Rose - Ken Merhege
Swamp White Oak- Aaron G
Swamp White Oak - Ken Merhege
Sycamore - Miranda Davies
Tall Bellflower - Miranda Davies
Tall Ironweed - Tom Hartzell
Timothy-grass - Laurina Graber (group JLM)
Tree Frog: Matt McQueen
Tree Hopper - Katherine Johnson
Tufted Titmouse - Jason Derryberry
Tufted Titmouse - Ken Merhege
Tufted Titmouse: Matt McQueen
Tufted titmouse - Laurina Graber
Tulip Tree - Miranda Davies
Turkey Tail Fungus - Katherine Johnson
Turkey Tail: Matt McQueen
Turkey Tail - Tom Hartzell
Two-toned Scalecap Mushroom - Miranda Davies
Warbling Vireo - Miranda Davies
Water Beetle : Sara Yob (Group AAS)
Water Flea-Aaron Goldstein
Water Flea : Matt McQueen
Water Flea - Jason Derryberry
Watermeal - Miranda Davies
Western Scarlet Cap: Matt McQueen
Whirligig Beetle:Matt McQueen
White Ash - Laurina Graber
White Jelly Fungus - Tom Hartzell
White Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar:Matt McQueen
White Oak- Aaron Goldstein
White Oak - Ken Merhege
White-tailed deer - Miranda Davies
White-tailed deer - Aaron Goldstein
White-tailed Deer-Carli Thompson
White-tailed Deer - Jason Derryberry
White-tailed Deer: Matt McQueen
White-tailed Deer - Ken Merhege
White-Tailed Deer - Tom Hartzell
White-tailed Deer - Sara Yob
White-tailed deer - Laurina Graber
Widow Skimmer Dragonfly - Ken Merhege
Willow Flycatcher - Miranda Davies
Wingless Wasp-Aaron G
Witches Butter - Katherine Johnson
Wolf Spider - Jason
Woodchuck - Miranda Davies
Woodchuck- Carli Thompson
Woodchuck/Groundhog: Matt McQueen
Woodchuck - Ken Merhege
Woodchuck - Tom Hartzell
Woodchuck - Sara Yob
Wood Frog - Katherine Johnson
Wood Frog - Jason Derryberry
Wood Frog - Laurina Graber
Wood Frog: Matt McQueen
Wood Frog - Tom Hartzell
Wood Frog - Carli Thompson
Woodlouse (Sow Bug) - Miranda Davies
Woolgrass Sedge - Tom Hartzell
Yarrow: Matt McQueen
Yellow Jacket- Aaron Goldstein
Yellow Nut Sedge: Matt McQueen
Yellow-throated Vireo - Katherine Johnson
Yellow Waterlily - Miranda Davies